Suzie’s Tongue Tips #1: Asking for ORAL

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This first, and most important tip is to BRUSH YOUR TONGUE! So often people don’t realize that the tongue is where a lot of the scents are kept. Yes, the build up of plaque can hold scent as well, but no where near as much as what’s trapped on your tongue. You need to keep things like this in mind, especially those of you who are smokers, chew tobacco or any of our nose-candy enthusiasts. The condition of your tongue can change the taste of food and drinks, and your partner’s genitals and juices. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, Let’s move on to something a little more interesting….
Some women are horrified to ASK for oral sex. Men have a way of just whipping it out and throwing the dick in your face. Wiggling it at you, as if to say, “come and get it!” Women can’t do that. We operate differently. And if a guy doesn’t take the hint from a gentle shove in the southern direction, then some women may decide to forgo oral sex all together. So guys, the first tip for you. EAT THE PUSSY! Gobble it up! Eat the pussy! Love the pussy! BE the pussy! Even if you don’t LOVE doing it, she will certainly appreciate it and she’ll be more likely to return the favor.
And ladies, two suggestions for you. First, I suggest you stop giving until you start getting. This will illustrate the point VERY clearly for any of the men in your life. You do for me and I’ll do for you. It’s as simple as that. Most guys get hard before you get down there to suck it anyways, so just hop straight on it instead. You are both still getting what you want, just skipping the bullshit.
Secondly, ladies, you should remove the fear of rejection from your sex life! Women have historically been taught to play the submissive. We’ve been passed down the myths that men are in control outside the bedroom AND in the bedroom too, but that’s a LIE. Your sex life is YOUR SEX LIFE. YOU are the one who has given this man permission to enter you, so it’s up to you to inform him of your needs before he sets foot inside. And sure, he can say no, but so can you. And 9 times out of 10, he’ll still take the pussy, even if you decide not to give him head.
While oral sex is nice, it’s not required for foreplay or for full penetration intercourse.
LOL. I know what the guys are thinking. She must be bat-shit crazy! I’m not. I’m sure there are hundreds of women out there who can remember giving a guy some bomb ass head. Shit, she may have been really proud of the job that she did. She comes up for air, just WAITING to get wet, but now that he’s been sucked off, he’s ready to just flip you over and go to work. Not cool guys. Especially when your dick is sucked repeatedly throughout…meanwhile we have to HOPE for it to happen once during the course of things.
Here’s the order:
Ya’ll Kiss, then he eats, then she sucks, then ya’ll fuck.
So remember today’s tips: 1. Brush your tongue. 2. Eat the cat. 3. Ladies, remove the fear of rejection and stop giving until you’re getting. And 4. Ya’ll Kiss, then he eats, then she sucks, then ya’ll fuck.
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