Man Masturbates in a Bear Suit: My take on “Weird” Sex Stories

Like most of you, while perusing the internet I occasionally come across random and ‘weird’ sex stories. You’ll see sensational articles about people who are attracted to teddy bears, people who get off by being covered in insects, and even stories about people who have been caught having sex in some public place. My guess is; most people would think that these stories are weird. I look at them a little differently.

Freud wasn’t the most popular in his field, often called a quack for suggesting that so much of our lives revolve around sex. Or even the thought that our sexual habits are formed in childhood. So whenever I see these ‘weird’ sex stories, I exhibit more of a compassionate sigh, than a wide-mouthed glare. The key to acceptance is understanding. For example, maybe seconds after he got his first twinge of sexual feeling, young Jack (we’ll call him) fell into a pit of teddy bears. And now nothing can replace the feeling of that soft cottony fabric for Jack when it’s arousal time. It’s not necessarily a bad thing; it just means that Jack’s mind made a connection between the arousal and the cotton. It is similar to the way that your mind may make a connection between a cologne and arousal. It’s just a different link. And BOTH of those roads lead to a climax.
Have you ever seen a REALLY attractive person who was dating someone that is…less attractive? Or maybe you’ve seen the super good girl dating the macho tough guy? What about that one couple that keeps breaking up and getting back together? It’s not (only) because opposites attract, it’s because all of those long conversations led to a point where they understood each other. That understanding leads to acceptance and that acceptance leads to love. So why doesn’t that really apply to people’s sexual kinks?
Through years of the ‘toss ’em in the deep end’ approach to sexual education, anything outside of doggy style and the missionary position can be considered ‘weird’ in this country. This happens, while we’re living in a time that celebrates counterculture, but at the same time are unwilling to embrace it. Maybe America is just flirting with the idea of being different. She’s a drunken college girl giving everything a try. But is it out of curiosity or ignorance?
I guess the point is: if you understood these people a little better you might not find them so weird.

PoetRaeMonet, author of ‘The Birds, the Bees, and the Boudoir,’ delivers bold and empowering erotic poems to address the blatant lack of Sexual Education in America. A Washington, DC native, Rae has a natural talent for wordplay, making her an accomplished poet, author, and songwriter. She is featured weekly on Chocolate Thursdays on the Hilltop Radio Show and is a contributor to Primo Fashions USA Magazine. Find her book here: