Suzie’s Tongue Tips #2: Foreplay

Tongue Tips
Episode 2: 6-30-15
(*From Explicit Pleasures radio show. If you want to hear the entire episode, click HERE.)

Hey guys! I’m back with Suzie’s Tongue Tips! This week we’re going to talk about, in my opinion, the second best thing you can do with your tongue—foreplay. I think that in this day and age, foreplay is forgone. We need to get back to slowing down, taking our time and REALLY exploring our partner.

Of course, I’d advise lot of kissing, alternating between pecks and tongue for variety. Let’s start at the top. I find it irresistible to lick a bald man’s scalp. If your man has hair, you might want to skip that part or end up with a mouth full of dandruff. Lol. Venture over to each ear and begin to gently nibble, kiss, suck, and tongue the earlobe. I always recommend tracing every detail of the ear with your tongue, so that you are able to fully access each potential pleasure point. Then we sneak down to the neck. The rear base of the neck, near the spine, is a popular pleasure point, as well at the bottom sides of the neck as well. Licking those areas is always fun, but the neck can withstand a little more pressure, so this is one of the places where you can suck and nibble a little harder. By the way, when I say nibble, I’m referring to LIGHTLY dragging your teeth across the surface of the skin, not full frontal biting, although, if it’s okay with your partner, it’s cool with me.

Let’s keep moving south. The collarbone is an area where people neglect. This bone at the base of the neck, is a great area to run your tongue just before you begin sucking on the nipple. Now nipple treatment is dependent on your partner. Generally, soft sucking and flicks of the tongue will harden and stimulate the nipple. After hitting each nipple, let your tongue slowly work its way south. Kiss and lick the mid torso, down to the belly button. A quick tongue dip or two into the belly button will prepare us for the next journey….the famous “V.” Avoiding the genitals completely, kiss and lick the V shaped area, taking long licks back and forth, sucking and nibbling furiously on these areas will bring your partner quickly to the threshold of orgasm, if it doesn’t produce one. This is the perfect time to SWIFTLY engulf the genitals whole! Not only will it be surprising to your partner, but it’ll certainly produce that orgasm started at the “V.” Next week, we’ll get more in-depth, but this week’s tip is to use your mouth for more than talking and engage in lengthier foreplay sessions.


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