Suzie’s Tongue Tips #3: Food Play

Tongue Tips


Episode 3: 7-7-15
(*From Explicit Pleasures radio show. If you want to hear the entire episode, click HERE.)

Alright, it’s time for another one of Suzie’s Tongue Tips. I’m Suzie and today I’m interested in food Play. This seems like a pretty quick association when talking about the mouth, to equate it with delicious, mood-enhancing food. And to take the greatness of food and combine it with the amazingness of sex? For me, that’s a yes!

Now we have to get all of the important information out of the way, please make sure to check with your partner for any food allergies BEFORE using any food. We’re all about safe sex and fun sex, and nothing kills the fun faster than having to rush to the emergency room. While engaging in food play, remember to keep it light and sweet. You want to avoid spicy or savory foods because they lead to skin and eye irritation. When possible, avoid the hairy areas. And try your best not to insert food into your partner. If it does, make sure you use a condom to avoid any infection. Women are quite sensitive enough without having to deal with “peanut butter pussy.” You don’t need a large quantity of your preferred food. This is where lots of people go wrong, slipping and sliding on chocolate syrup, ending up a sticky mess with newfound diabetes.

I recommend using no more than one cup of your selected fare. Popular food items include strawberries, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, jam, jelly, jello, wine, peanut butter, cherries, mangos, ice, ice cream, marshmallow cream, and honey. Some of the experts out there may have tried three of four of these items, but I bet you haven’t tried using a few Hot Tamales in bed? Suck on this popular red-hot cinnamon candy and write sexy words in red on your partner’s body. If they can’t guess the written word, you can always give them a little hint by tracing each and every letter with your tongue. And class, remember to don’t your I’s and cross your T’s please.

Many of you may remember the popular candy buttons. Lick the backs of these cute sugar candies and create an explicit pleasure trail all over your body for your partner to follow. And remember, X always marks the spot!

Playing with different temperatures going from hot-to-cold or vice versa can always make things interesting. Another quick tip for cold items: lick the area BEFORE applying a cold item to your partner’s body. Your partner will still get the same heart-stopping sensation without actually stopping his heart from a shocking sensation.

So remember to check on food allergies before engaging in food play, steer clear of hairs, and as with everything going inside, use it in a condom. Other than that, play well and have fun out there exploring and tasting your partner.


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