Cross Cunt-ry

First of all, yes, the title is spelled correctly and intentionally for the story that I’m about to tell.

We’ve all been there right? When we’ve traveled some extreme distance for sex, but on an off-day we wouldn’t travel across the state for excellent tacos. I, unfortunately (or fortunately for you) have traveled some distance in the quest for cooch. Well, the quest was more for MY cooch to be attained, but you get the point. This post was originally supposed to be about Valentine’s Day plans gone awry, but this topic caught my interest, so i thought I would share an anecdote.

I grew up a military brat, which means that I travel all the time for practically no reason at all. So when a suitor asks me to visit, it’s never a problem. I’ve had many long-distance flings, some more interesting than others, but the thing I wouldn’t trade is the time spent in the air or on the road getting to know myself better than those guys ever could.

While in college in West Virginia, my high school sweetheart was in North Carolina, prepping to become a Marine. After basic training was over, I made my way down to visit him. This is a good time to mention that this trip was totally unprovoked and unannounced until I reached the state line. It was not your typical road trip circumstance. I was in need of some clarity and needed to escape the chaos of college life. I called him up and let him know where I was and instructed him to send an address. He sent it off without question and a few hours later I was at his house. I spent a week there enjoying the beaches while he was at work. Of course he’d come home and we’d have our time, but more important was the time I spent AFTER him.

Let’s be real, immediately AFTER sex is when we all have those moments of clarity. That’s when we consider what we’ve done, how we’ll move forward and what it is we truly want. That’s the moment I used to crave. back when I was lost among myself and I didn’t know where to turn. I would look for those moments so that I could be still inside of them and really reflect on the changes that I needed to make in my life. (And during THAT phase, I needed to make a LOT of changes.) That one week helped me to decide NOT to marry him. It helped me decide that writing was IT for me. That one week forced me to move on with my life. And I’ve never been so thankful.

Traveling can do that for you. It opens up your perspectives and makes you take a look with fresh eyes. We’ve all been there before. We’ve all taken a trip to get some dick. How did it work out for you? What did you learn? And more importantly, would you do it again?