Dealing with (Sexual) Disappointment

Hey Lovers!

Two posts in one week!?! What am I; motivated or something? (Tehehe.)

A few nights ago, I was feeling a little frisky. Well, more than just a little. I was ready to pounce on my man and ride him into oblivion. He, however, was NOT in the mood for frisky, flirty, fun. He was stressed and thinking about all of the things he wants/needs to accomplish in order to remove the stress he was feeling. I, on the other hand, was focused on how I could manually release his stress.

While stress is (in my opinion) best relieved through sex, he handles stress and negativity in other ways. He likes to take time alone, eat his emotions, and dwell in his feelings. I prefer to identify the problem and a possible solution quickly and then LET IT GO! I mean that! I NEED to let the small stuff slide, as quickly as possible, before it becomes a real problem for me and everyone around me. And again, I feel the best way to relieve it is through sex.

So I head off to the bathroom and indulge in a loooonnnngggg HOT shower! The day was ever-so-long and I definitely wanted to have some “boo time” to end my day. I let the water run down my body, washing away all of the stress, annoyances, and bothers of the day. I took that soft loofah and scrubbed my skin clean, ready for what was to come next. I poured oil all over myself. Then lotion. then perfume. I smelled great. My body felt warm and soft and fantastic. I slipped into the tiniest black lacy set of lingerie that I own and applied my makeup (which I SELDOM do).Β  I was feeling myself. I looked in the mirror at my curls as they fell gently on my shoulder; loving the way I looked and felt. I danced a bit in the mirror to check all of my angles and then I headed out the door.

As I reached the bedroom, I saw him playing on his phone (his favorite past-time) and I stood there for an extra second. Just long enough so that he could look up from what he was doing and take it all in. And he did….For all of about 10 seconds and then he returned to his phone as if I never even showed up in the doorway.


Honestly, I started to catch an attitude! I just spent 90 minutes in the bathroom putting all of THIS together! You’re telling me that I’ve just wasted this time? Aw man! I was a little angry to be honest. At first I wondered if it was me. Was I wrong in some way? Did I do something to anger him or to put him out of the mood? After a bit of questioning myself, I left the room and went to lie down in another. While the first 20 minutes or so was focused on him and how I could get what I wanted, shortly after I refocused….on myself.

I remembered that this is for ME! I really wanted a different end to my day than the way it began. I was the one who decided to get all sexy without notifying him that I was doing so. I chose to make this about him instead of making it about me. So, I spent a little “ME time” in the bedroom that night. I played music, lit candles, and poured myself a glass of wine. I pulled up my favorite videos and played them to my heart’s content. I spent that night getting to know ME again.

It’s easy when you’re in a relationship to lose that connection with yourself. You spend every waking hour thinking about someone else and their feelings and when you’re living that way, its easy to forget that you still need to take care of you. I told you this story to remind you to take care of yourself. Don’t forget, even for one moment, that anything worth doing, you can DIY! After all, who’s going to love you better than YOU do?


….stick around….. My future posts will list a few products that will give you a BANG for your buck! πŸ˜‰


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