Our Plans

This is the Suzie’s K.I.D.S. Wish List, where we describe programs that would be beneficial to our community.

  • Sex Ed For All–an all-ages sex-ed class taught by non-bias professionals
  • Sex Art–educating teens about sexual expression and release through artistic measures
  • Breaking Barriers–a quarterly sex forum specifically based on breaking down taboo sexual practices
  • Multiple Suzie’s K.I.D.S. centers in each state to adequately provide sex ed to ALL!
  • Partnerships with HIV and STD testing centers
  • Partnerships with schools for after-school sex ed programs
  • A NATIONAL and Progressive Sex Ed program IN SCHOOLS that would properly and fully divulge sexual information to our youth

…there are MANY more program ideas to come. If you are interested in funding any of these programs or helping us grow, please Contact Us.


Tell us what you think

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