A word on Abstinence-Only Education

I’ve been watching Blissful Thinking on Hulu. It’s a great show that discusses social issues like inequality, racism, sexism, prejudice, and of course, my favorite, sex and sexuality. The sex episode begins with a couple of Millennials teaching an abstinence-only class to a group of senior citizens. At every step, the seniors are correcting the instructors; questioning if vibrators are off limits for an abstinent … Continue reading A word on Abstinence-Only Education

Cross Cunt-ry

First of all, yes, the title is spelled correctly and intentionally for the story that I’m about to tell. We’ve all been there right? When we’ve traveled some extreme distance for sex, but on an off-day we wouldn’t travel across the state for excellent tacos. I, unfortunately (or fortunately for you) have traveled some distance in the quest for cooch. Well, the quest was more … Continue reading Cross Cunt-ry

10 Things I’d Love for Valentine’s Day

Hello Lovers! As you all know, February is the perfect month to pull out my books and get your read on! From the sexy and sensual book, ‘The Birds, the Bees, and the Boudoir’ (available HERE) to the more practical lessons found inside of ‘The Bedroom Companion’ (available HERE) you’ll be able to find SOMETHING to spice up your Valentine’s Day. Lots of people assume … Continue reading 10 Things I’d Love for Valentine’s Day

The Bedroom Companion…Coming soon to Kindle!

  Hey there lovers! My super steamy book, The Bedroom Companion will be released on Kindle on Wednesday, February 1st, 2017! As you know the book contains some of the hottest and sexiest advice to get you and your sweetie headed down that carnal path. Make sure to check out popular poems such as “The Pussy Willow Whisperer,” “Collarbone Kisses,” and “When I Moan Your … Continue reading The Bedroom Companion…Coming soon to Kindle!

Suzie’s Tongue Tips #3: Food Play

  Episode 3: 7-7-15 (*From Explicit Pleasures radio show. If you want to hear the entire episode, click HERE.) Alright, it’s time for another one of Suzie’s Tongue Tips. I’m Suzie and today I’m interested in food Play. This seems like a pretty quick association when talking about the mouth, to equate it with delicious, mood-enhancing food. And to take the greatness of food and … Continue reading Suzie’s Tongue Tips #3: Food Play