Planning Philosophy

Be a GUEST at your own party!

If you’ve ever planned a party, you’re pretty familiar with running around the entire time, making sure every item is (still) in its place, that guests are greeted and well served, running to the kitchen for more drinks, running to the front of the room to make a toast, running outside for two seconds of fresh air… Running, running, running.
Let R Event Planner do that for you! We want to ASSIST you in planning your next event. It is, of course, still your party and it should go just the way you want!
We want you to be a guest. Experience the same excitement and enjoyment for yourself that we’ll be planning for your guests. Take the time to sit down, enjoy your guests, see performances, EAT! Do all of the things you don’t have the time for, when you’re the one planning/hosting/catering/decorating the party!
When they ask you how you did it, just say “we used R Event Planner!”
CONTACT US to get started planning your next event today!

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