The Birds, the Bees, and the Boudoir

We teach our kids about everything; crossing the street, how to cook, even about balancing the checkbook years before they have their first job. We teach them everything they need to know about growing up and having a family…well, almost. It seems the only thing that we tend to leave out or gloss over, is any information related to sexual education.
Join Rheadrea’ (Ray-dree-uh) Monet as she poetically explores the many facets relating to sexual education. Use this book as a conversation starter to open the doors and break down the walls of this important taboo. Refusing to educate, both adults and children, will affect our nation’s economy, our population, our resources and our standing in the international community.
Instead of pushing our great nation back into the Dark Ages, let’s move forward and usher in an era of sexual responsibility… together.
Are you ready to have “the talk?”
The Birds, the Bees, and the Boudoir


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