I offer seminars too!

Book a seminar today for your private, non-profit, or corporate event. Seminar summaries are below. Seminars can be custom created for an additional fee. Please refer to Booking Seminars page for more information.


CPR: Couples Personal Revival (Couples Only; 18+)

Guided by The Birds, the Bees, and the Boudoir, Rae talks with couples who……


Single with a Sex Life (Single Women Only; 18+)

Rae uses both books, The Birds, the Bees, and the Boudoir and The Bedroom Companion, to open a discussion on single sexuality. Single women have to navigate the world of romance while…..


Activating your Senses: 5 Steps to Better Sex (18+ Only)

Using The Bedroom Companion, Rae guides participants through the 5 small steps necessary to improve their sex lives now……..


7 Days of Sex: Revolutionize your Sex Life NOW! (Couples Only; 18+)

Ready to REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR SEX LIFE? That’s right! In this seminar, Rae talks about taking it up a notch in the bedroom. She will help couples to open up and begin to explore the boundaries of their lovemaking, taking them to the next level.