Cross Cunt-ry

First of all, yes, the title is spelled correctly and intentionally for the story that I’m about to tell. We’ve all been there right? When we’ve traveled some extreme distance for sex, but on an off-day we wouldn’t travel across the state for excellent tacos. I, unfortunately (or fortunately for you) have traveled some distance in the quest for cooch. Well, the quest was more … Continue reading Cross Cunt-ry

10 Things I’d Love for Valentine’s Day

Hello Lovers! As you all know, February is the perfect month to pull out my books and get your read on! From the sexy and sensual book, ‘The Birds, the Bees, and the Boudoir’ (available HERE) to the more practical lessons found inside of ‘The Bedroom Companion’ (available HERE) you’ll be able to find SOMETHING to spice up your Valentine’s Day. Lots of people assume … Continue reading 10 Things I’d Love for Valentine’s Day

Suzie’s Tongue Tips #2: Foreplay

Episode 2: 6-30-15 (*From Explicit Pleasures radio show. If you want to hear the entire episode, click HERE.) Hey guys! I’m back with Suzie’s Tongue Tips! This week we’re going to talk about, in my opinion, the second best thing you can do with your tongue—foreplay. I think that in this day and age, foreplay is forgone. We need to get back to slowing down, … Continue reading Suzie’s Tongue Tips #2: Foreplay

Have you tried the new iPhone SEX?

Yes! Yes! YES! Could you imagine this iconic scene if Harry was controlling a vibrator in Sally’s panties? That’s what the makers of the We Vibe (We Vibe Plus-4) want to do! To increase intimacy for couples (or ambitious singles), the creators of the Plus-4 have brought to the market a Bluetooth-controlled sex toy! The We Vibe comes with 10 pre-programmed vibration settings, and includes … Continue reading Have you tried the new iPhone SEX?

These Projects Coming Soon…

By popular request, The Birds, the Bees, and the Boudoir AUDIO COMPANION is coming soon! Rheadrea’ will post a few preview poems on YouTube, before the official release. The BBB Audio Companion will be a compilation of your favorite poems set to “mood music.” The Oral Hour Podcast on Blog Talk Radio is Launching August 6th! This is your chance to CALL IN and chat … Continue reading These Projects Coming Soon…