Which ‘Rae’ are you?

Which ‘Rae’ Are You?

Take the online assessment HERE or use pen and paper to get your answers below.

Which “Rae” are you? Take our quiz below to find out which version of Rae you resemble the most!

(Please record your answers (A, B, C, D or E) on paper.)

QUESTION 1: How do you handle stress?
A. I tackle stress head-on!
B. I roll with the punches.
D. I freak out for an hour and then I handle business.
E. What stress? Life is beautiful and obstacles are just rain

QUESTION 2: What’s your favorite rainy day activity?
A. A cup of hot chocolate and a good book
B. Invite friends over for a game night
C. Horror movies and popcorn
D. Playing video games
E. Two words: Arts and crafts!

QUESTION 3: What style of music best suits your personality?
A. Jazz
B. Neo-Soul
C. Rap
D. Pop
E. Disney Ballads

QUESTION 4: In the bedroom, are you…?
A. Conservative
B. Adventurous
C. Aggressive
D. Submissive
E. Creative

QUESTION 5: What’s your dream job?
A. Doctor/Scientist
B. Actor/Actress
C. Politician
D. TV/Radio Personality
E. Trophy Spouse

QUESTION 6: Prime vacation spot?
A. Greece
B. Italy
C. Australia
D. Las Vegas!
E. Figi

QUESTION 7: What does your (future) family look like?
A. …white pickett fence, 2.5 kids, spouse, pet, etc.
B. I might have a kid or two, but no more than that!
C. What family? No kids for me! It’s me and my babe until the end!
D. The number doesn’t matter as long as they’re all boys!
E. …two sets of twins to start….

QUESTION 8: What’s your favorite type of food?
A. Italian Food
B. American Food
C. Soul Food
D. Fast Food
E. Mexican Food

QUESTION 9: What’s your favorite movie genre?
A. Drama/Romance
B. Animated
C. Horror
D. Action/Thriller
E. Comedy

QUESTION 10: What would you rather do on a Friday night?
A. I’d prefer to stay in and get some sleep!
B. A night at the movies
C. Clubbing
D. Hang out a friend’s place
E. Do something active; like go bowling or play miniature golf

Thanks for taking our quiz!

Click HERE to get your results and find out which Rae you are!


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